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Projector & Screen Rentals

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We now offer an outdoor movie experience called Cinema Under the Stars including a blow up outdoor screen that is 20ft wide and 11ft tall!


Screens and Projectors can be used for many reasons:

 - Corporate Meetings

 - Movie in the park

 - Slideshow at a wedding

 - And so much more!


With each projector and screen we offer 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratios


 Screen Sizes:

 - 6ft

 - 8ft

 - 10X6.5 fastfold screen

 - 7X12.5 fast fold sceen

 - 20ftX11ft outdoor blowup screen


Venue you are in does not have enough space? No problem! We also offer TV screens of various sizes.

 - Small (32 inches)

 - Meduim (49 inches)

 - Our new large addition (70 inches)


Video Projection Options


Projector kits:

Each projector kit comes with many cables and connectors. You have a choice of renting out the entire kit or if you know exactly what you need, you can just rent out a few cables/connectors along with the screen and projector.

Projectors  Screens

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