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All Day Meeting Package

All Day Meeting Package

Wether your meeting is in a small room or a large hall, we got you covered! We offer screen and projector packages as well as a sound system for larger areas.

We offer four sizes of screens:

          - Small, Front Projection (6ft tripod)

          - Medium, Front Projection (8ft tripod)

          - Large, Front or Rear Projection (10.5X6ft fastfold)

          - Extra Large, Front or Rear Projection (7X12.5 fast fold)


Large or small, every meeting requires a sound system, it includes:

          - 1 speaker on a stand, 2 speakers if your meeting is more than 50 people

          - A mixer 

          - A/Mulitple microphones of your choice:

                     - Wired Handheld (Comes with a clip to put onto a stand)

                     - Wireless Handheld (Comes with a clip to put onto a stand)

                     - Lapel Mic (Clips onto your shirt so you can use your hands for other things)

Have audio in your presentaion? No problem! We have an audio patch to plug in your computer, phone, or tablet into the sound system. 

Everyone has to be included. We can plug in a telephone into the sound system so everyone can hear what they need to say. And everyone can answer them by speaking into a microphone

All Day Meeting Package


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All Day Meeting Package

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