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Projectors  Screens


We now offer an outdoor movie experience called Cinema Under the Stars including a blow up outdoor screen that is 20ft wide and 11ft tall!


Screens and Projectors can be used for many reasons:

 - Corporate Meetings

 - Movie in the park

 - Slideshow at a wedding

 - And so much more!


With each projector and screen we offer 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratios


 Screen Sizes:

 - 6ft Tripod

 - 8ft Tripod 

 - 10X6.5 fastfold screen - Offers Front and Rear Projection 

 - 7X12.5 fast fold sceen - Offers Front and Rear Projection 

 - 20ftX11ft outdoor blowup screen


Venue you are in does not have enough space? No problem! We also offer TV screens of various sizes.

 - Small (32 inches)

 - Meduim (49 inches)

 - Our new large addition (70 inches)


Video Projection Options


Projector kits:

Each projector kit comes with many cables and connectors. Whatever device you wish to show up on the big screen, we are confident that we will have an adapter that will work with your device. 


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