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Translation Services
Audio visual translation service options
Our professional audio visual translators have experience using several different techniques to adapt videos or audio tracks to other languages.

These include:

Lip-synching, where foreign language actors’ voices are carefully dubbed in place of on-camera actor;
Voice-over production, a UN-style technique that replaces the existing narrator’s voice with a narrator speaking another language, yet allows the original audio to be heard at a suppressed level in the background;
Multi-Language subtitling & captioning services for a range of content. Placement anywhere on screen is possible, including multiple location texts to keep the subtitles clear of on-screen action.
Multi-Media Captioning: We can create from the ground up OR take already created videos and add multi-media captions to highlight activities on screen, for learning and tutorial purposes.
We can offer you a wide range of professional voices to choose from and professional narrator voice samples are available on request.

Step-by-Step process
Audio or video translation has two very separate components: the translation and the recording.

When an audio translation is read out loud, it that has an impact on various things such as speech level, vocabulary, punctuation, length of sentences, etc.

In the case of a video translation, the timing of the narration must match any on screen visuals and the overall length of the video. While some adjustments are possible during the recording session, this requires the video translation to be carefully timed from the start.

Our video translators are experienced in converting scripts to video and very familiar with the timing requirements.

Once you approve the translation of the script, work in the studio begins. There the foreign language narrator listens to the English through a headset while speaking the translated script. We record each section several times until we are satisfied with the timing and quality of the recording. The foreign language narration is inserted in place of the English on the master, guaranteeing synchronization with the picture.

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