Cinema Under the Stars


Host a cinema outdoors in your community

Perfect For:

Community Associations
Parks (City/Regional/Provincial/National)
Lake's (Float In Movie)
Ball Tournaments
Small Town's (Pool / Curling or Skating Rink / Ball Diamonds)
Sports Games (Riders, Rush Playoffs, NHL Playoffs)
Cruse Night's or Drive In Movie's (FM Transmitter Available)
Businesses With Large Parking Lots
Music Festival's
Staff/Customer Appreciation Nights

Event Info:

Cinema Under the Stars Package Covers:
2x Person Team Set Up, Operation (Tech On Site At All Times) & Take Down Of The Following
1x Screen 27 ft Wide X 21.5 ft Tall Inflatable Screen / Screen Surface is 20 Feet Wide x 11 Feet Tall and 23 Feet In Diameter
Ground Supports (Steaks, Sandbags or To Trailer) *You would have to supply trailer, more info on that below.
1x Projector (5,500+ Lumens) (Can Be Front or Rear Projection. Pending Set Up. We suggest front projection)
6,550w Generator + Fuel or Long Extension Cords (more ideal if you supply power on site. 2x Separate 15A Breakers)
Air Blower and Sound Dampening Muffler Box For Blower
6x Speakers On Stands
4 Channel Audio Mixer w/ All Cables and Cords
1x Wireless Microphone
Blu Ray/DVD Player/Media Player
1x Laptop
Pump Up Music Pre Show Music
We supply digital copy of the movie for playback (Unless it's an independent film, family movie, graduation PowerPoint etc Please supply to us in .mp4 or .PPXT format.)
Sponsor Slideshow and Videos Prior to Show Start (We offer templates, you must edit and send to us)

Drive In Style w/ FM Transmitter (currently only style supported in this phase of Covid-19)

- We will typically will NOT know the FM Station/Dial # until we arrive on site. We will display on screen for your guests to see.
- We will have 3 options selected and choose the best sounding one on site when we arrive.
- Number Of People: pending your given land and space - Mandate states 5 meters/15 feet between cars.
- The average paved parking lot stalls are 10 feet. Meaning that you could park a car in every 2nd stall
- This means that 50% of your parking lot capacity would be your max drive in total up to 60 vehicles (per one screen)
- We Suggest 40-60 cars is the most ideal for one screen.
- If you want 60+ cars we suggest a dual screen set up.
- Event CAN proceed rain or shine with the FM Transmitter. Full cancellation policy in our terms and conditions.
- Typically the only reason for a cancelled event is high winds over 35+ km/h. Or extreme weather.

Ticketing & Admissions

- YOU also need to provide volunteer parking staff to help organize the vehicles
- We suggest cars in front, then medium sized vehicles, then trucks/SUV's.
- We are not a box office, BUT we can set you up with a event page, give you admin rights and you can manage tickets. Keep in mind the movie rates and showpass rates change for paid vs. free events. We suggest also setting up a facebook event page and posting on other socials like instagram etc.

Movie Start Time : Dusk

- May dusk is approx: 9pm
- June dusk is approx: 9:30-10pm
- July dusk is approx: 9:30-10pm- Aug dusk is approx: 9pm-9:30- Sept dusk is approx: 8:00-9pm
- Oct dusk is approx: 7-7:30pm*also depends if you are north of Saskatoon, it will get darker, a bit earlier.
- time can vary depending time of year (June 21st is the longest sunlight day of the year)
- Movie can start earlier if in a covered/shaded area or tent etc.
- please remember some places require permits and some places have 11pm "quiet time bylaws" this approval is YOUR responsibility
- most ideal if BACK of the screen faces WEST/Sunset.
- bonus if screen is up against a building/wind break. But not mandatory.

Movie Titles

Average Price $250-$500 (we can handle paying for the movie license & download, just let us know what one you choose and we will acquire the movie, and bring with us day of event and invoice you)
Note: family movies always go over the best, they are mass appeal and usually about 90 min in length.They are also bright and vibrant in color, and show up the best on screen. The older darker movies can sometimes be harder to see.

Add On Features:

*Multi Screens - Please Inquire on pricing (for events with MORE then 60 cars, this is highly suggested)
*Double Feature (2 films back to back) Add $ (plus your cost of the license of the 2nd movie, these costs vary per movie)
*Drive In Movie w/ FM Transmitter - Included at NO Charge for events in 2021*Online Ticket Sales: We have a system that people can purchase with credit cards, which keeps track of sales, refunds, concessions packages sales (if you add any) and we can make you admin so you can see/handle all of this.

Drive In Movie w/ FM Transmitter
Float In Movie
DJ/Dance Party

Return on Investment

A very large portion of our clients, do this as way to give back to the community and offer this as a free family event.If you are looking at ROI there are a few ways you can break this down to generate revenue.
1) Charge per person OR per car. We have found $30-$50 is what people are comfortable with.
2) Have concessions to sell.
3) Find 4 large sponsors or 8 small sponsors.
- you can add their logo to the pre movie slide show, you can add their logo to the movie poster when you promote the movie, give them social media mentions etc. Please NOTE with Re-Open Saskatchewan Phase 4.2 (that we are currently in) allows Movie Theatres to be open. |
You as the client can NOT admission per car/person unless you are 30km from the nearest movie theatre or physical drive in.
You CAN however charge by donation.

Make This Event Into A "Whole Day Event" or Family Fun Day, not just a movie at night.
Community BBQ or Food Trucks
Face Painting
Balloon Twisting
Children's Games (relay races etc)
Yoga Glasses Before/Spin Class
Live Band/Performances

Up Sells (aka things you can choose to sell to the people who attend your event)

Food/Bottled Water/Alcohol (liquor permit required)
Bug Spray
Glow Sticks
Rain Ponchos
Lawn Chairs
Inflatable Couches/Inner Tubes (For Swim In Movies)

Things you MAY want to offer at no charge

Propane Heaters
Pick-nick Tables

Free Event Material When You Book

1) Sponsor Sell Sheet (To Help Off Set Your Costs)
2) Sponsor Slide Show (Power Point Template you can add/edit local sponsors)
3) 4 Area's To Hang Sponsor Posters From Screen During Whole Event
- if your sponsors have vinyl banners, all you have to do is add some doubled sided Velcro to their advertisement, and hang from our screen.
- our screen has 4 areas with Velcro already on it. Top, Bottom and Both Sides. Great way for your sponsors to get value and return on investment from their donation
4) Event Graphic For Your Social Media + Printed Posters
- we have created a few pieces of artwork to promote this event to people in your community
- a movie poster that you can edit. Add the time, location, move title etc, and get this up on your social media, or print hard copy's to hang in your area
- this will save you time & money from hiring a graphic designer, our services are meant to be turn key
- we want you to succeed so you continue to see the value in our services, if you win, we win!

Sponsorship Ideas (to help offset your costs)

- Local Businesses in the area
- Politicians (City Counselors, MP's)
- Chamber of Commerce
- Tourism Boards
- Media (Radio/TV)